Want to Improve Your Job Search? Step Away from Your Computer!

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Your PC and the internet are clearly valuable and critical tools in an effective job search in today's market.

The vast majority of job seekers, however, spend far too much time in front of their computer and not nearly enough time in front of people that can have a much greater impact on their job search than anything they find online.

The benefits of LIMITING time in front of the PC can be tremendous!

Improved Attitude
One inevitable outcome of spending too much time in front of a computer screen is a more negative attitude. Reading, job-board surfing, researching and so many other tasks online are important. However, when hour after hour goes by and that’s all you do, it’s virtually impossible to feel energized, passionate, enthusiastic, and positive about your search. Then when you do go to an interview or meet someone for networking, your attitude comes across flat at best, and highly negative at worst. Breaking up your online time into smaller chunks, and deliberately spending more time with people will almost always result in projecting a better attitude.

Improved Communication Skills
Verbal communication skills are a muscle that atrophies without exercise. When people spend too many hours, and too many days not verbally communicating, and then get an interview, a networking meeting, or some other opportunity to communicate in person, they are never at their best. Consistent use, and practice of your verbal skills makes you so much better when you need to make the best impression. Online chats and emails are no substitute for actually speaking with someone. Practice makes you sharper and more articulate.

Improved Results
As I’ve written before… results in your networking are vastly improved when you meet and speak to someone face-to-face. Emails are more easily ignored, body language and passion are lost in text, and the professional presence you project can not be duplicated in words. Meeting and speaking to people in person will almost always yield better results than only trying to communicate online.

Don’t get holed-up in front of your computer. Use it effectively. However, become efficient and limit your time in front of your screen. The more you can talk to live people, the greater, and more rapid success you’ll have in your job search!

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