9 Types of Bad Bosses, and How to Handle Them

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If your boss is unapproachable or a micromanager, don’t just accept it. Try these tips for a better supervisor-employee relationship.

Management Issues

We wish we could mandate that all bosses go to boss school. Or that the ones who did get management training absorbed everything they were taught.

Fact is, there are a lot of bad bosses running amok out there, and most don’t even know that they’re the bane of your existence.

But the good news is—if you’re stuck under the thumb of a less-than-stellar superior—there are strategies for managing her particular strain of craziness. Read more


3 Good Things You Can Learn From a Bad Boss

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I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but chances are, you’ll probably have a bad boss at some point in your career. And, while it’s easy to simply chalk the experience up to a rite of passage and move on, there are actually some pretty valuable lessons you can learn from a lousy manager. Read more